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Transforming Taste,
One Powder At A Time.

Where innovation meets tradition, and every dish tells a story of precision, passion, and perfection.

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Decades of Experience

Behind every great product is a legacy of expertise. When you choose us, you're choosing a product backed by years of expertise and dedication.


We have more than 20 years experience with egg products. Our customers in Southeast Asia are in the food and ingredient business. Increasingly, food companies with central kitchens and retail formats are embracing the use of spray dried eggs as it takes up less valuable space, is practical and easy to use.

We only work with egg processing plants in USA, China and Europe which are accredited by Singapore Food Agency. 

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How it Started

In the mid-1990s, an in-flight catering kitchen in Singapore asked us to source for frozen pasteurised liquid eggs to prepare in-flight meals for several European airlines. This led us to initially source for such a product from Australia.


However, having experienced the cold chain processes involved from shipping to preparation of the frozen product in the kitchen convinced us that dried eggs were a better way to go, and here we are today.

Beating Eggs

Food Security is Important to Us

In a period of growing uncertainty in securing safe, stable and essential supplies of food ingredients, companies are encouraged to consider the use of spray dried eggs to reduce the reliance on table eggs.

Spray dried egg powder has a shelf life of more than one year if kept in good storage conditions without any compromise to its functionalities.

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