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Spray Dried Egg Powder

Your convenient secret ingredient

to add richness to your recipes

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Our Specialty

Farm-to-Powder Freshness

Our ingredients are crafted with care, starting with the finest eggs sourced directly from trusted farms. We prioritize quality at every step, ensuring that the journey from farm to our top-tier processing plant maintains the natural goodness of eggs. 

Top Tier

Our cutting-edge processing equipment is meticulously crafted for precision and efficiency, serving as the powerhouse behind the extraordinary quality of our products.

Equipped with cutting-edge technology and operated by skilled professionals, our plant ensures that every Spray Dried Egg Ingredient undergoes meticulous processing. From sourcing the finest eggs to the final powder form, our top-tier facility guarantees precision, purity, and excellence in every particle, setting a new standard for quality in the industry.

With a delicate separation process for egg whites and yolks and advanced spray drying technology, we assure you that every particle meets the highest standards.


Types of Egg Powder Products

Discover the essence of perfection with our diverse range of egg powder products, catered to every culinary need. Quality, convenience  & excellence in every powder — choose the right one for your culinary masterpiece.

Egg Yolk

Great for all recipes that need just yolks – you can add salt or sugar as required. 

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Whole Egg

Use dried Whole Eggs in place of table or liquid eggs – no mess, no fuss!

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Egg White Powder (Hi-Whip)

Made from farm fresh pasteurized liquid eggs, dried Egg Whites (Hi-Whip) are easy and convenient to use.

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Egg White HG.jpg

Egg White Powder (Hi-Gel)

Mess-free egg substitute for easy culinary use – no cracking!

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M&D Partners
Agri-food Veterinary Authority (AVA Singapore)


In 2010, M&D partnered with the then Agri-food Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) for a public education campaign to encourage the use of processed eggs as an alternative to table eggs. This involved in store cooking demonstrations at supermarkets and community centres.

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Elevate Your Culinary Creations

Our premium ingredients and commitment to excellence ensure that every dish becomes a masterpiece. Explore the art of culinary perfection with us – where every ingredient is a step towards extraordinary taste and satisfaction.

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